The Barn has one ground floor bedroom with  ensuite shower, toilet and wash basin. The bedroom and bathroom have doorways which are two and a half feet wide.(APPROX. 740MM). There are two steps down in to the bedroom from the bedroom entrance door.

Access to the dining area is via one step up/down. Stairs only are available to gain access to the first floor due to the size and age of the property. There are single grab handles to the left of the above mentioned steps.

Our newest (annexed) room (Room 4) is also on the ground floor and is accessed via two steps up to the door. It is situated behind the house, opposite the Barn, approx. 7 metres away from the Barn entrance.There is a grab handle to the left of Room 4 door.

Due to the narrowness of door ways, position of steps and clearance around the bed in Room 1, this bedroom is not wheelchair accessible, although it is on the ground floor for those who are unable to use stairs. Likewise, Room 4 (annexe) because of its location on an incline, is not wheelchair accessible, but is on the ground floor for those who may struggle with more than 2 steps.

Please ask for menus and room information packs in larger fonts if required.

View our Accessibility Guide here


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